The Underground Phenomenon is Here!


Yellow Fringe

Y E L L O W  F R I N G E ™

The Untold Story Of The Governments Plan to Counterfeit The Constitution Of The United States

The book that pierced the veil is back in this newly updated 3rd edition of the worldwide shocker! Completely revised with new information that everyone needs to have now! This is a must read book for everyone, not just Americans but all concerned citizens of the world! Hundreds of thousands have read this book and are eager to find out more. Yellow Fringe is the shot heard round the world and people are standing in line to hear the message. Watch as the decade old predictions of the Unknown Author are coming true now!

Yellow Fringe is even more relevant today. With the steady encroachment on our freedoms by a criminal government that is out of control not just in America but around the world!

How could this happen! What is going on!

The answers to many of your questions are in Yellow Fringe by the Unknown Author.